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Black Men Live a Painful Life According to Research!

By on January 4, 2011

Black men suffer more from chronic pain than white men according to a recent research study, leading them to have more  depression and disability. These racial disparities are explained in the April 2010 issue of the Journal of the National Medical Association.

The research included 1600 men, 6% of whom were black. The black participants with chronic pain related to an accident, injury, illness, surgery or other causes were found  more likely to experience depression, affective distress and disability than white men with chronic pain. Black men with chronic pain were found to have poorer health in general than white men and were therefore at a disadvantage and at higher risk of having difficulty supporting themselves and their families.  It was also found that pain and disability were related to alcohol use, litigation and marriage. If any of this sounds like it applies to you please go see a doctor or stop by your local public clinic for attention!

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