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Do You Have Dead Dreads?

By on January 6, 2011

Brothers with dreadlocks should take special care of their hairstyle. 

Locked hair can easily be a trap for insects, dirt, dust, even cigarette and other smells.

So make sure you choose a proper shampoo for your dreadlocks. Use a neutralizing shampoo once a week to take care of an itchy scalp. Your hair will be drier than most others, so use an oil based conditioner.  Also be sure to take special care to dry your hair by ringing out each lock individually from top to bottom. This is especially true for those brothers who have aged locks. Try and remove as much moisture as you can. Some people choose to wax the hair if they are around soot and dust on a regular basis. Or there is jojoba oil, as many claim it’s much better than wax based hair care products. When sleeping, cover your locks with a satin or silk scarf as it prevents hair breakage.

Keep your locks healthy and looking good through consistent maintenance.  Nobody wants a dead-looking dread on their head!

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