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Belly Fat Blues

By on January 12, 2011

Most overweight men are surely to have some belly fat. Chalk it up to the male DNA. But here are three things you can do to reduce unwanted flab in the midsection.

Eat better. The American Journal for Clinical Nutrition published a study that confirms that adding more whole grains in your daily diet, along with at least five servings of fruit and vegetables can result in a firmer abdomen.

Work it out. While you don’t have to do a thousand sit-ups, doing at least 30-minutes of cardiovascular activity daily goes a long way. Physical activity that elevates the heart rate will indeed burn those extra calories in that spare tire.

Release stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone responsible for increasing sugars (e.g. glucose) in the bloodstream. Managing your stress will reduce the production of sugar in the blood and help you see results in the mirror quicker.


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