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Documented: Gay Black Men & Depression

By on February 7, 2011

Many of us know of someone who is troubled, maybe even suffering inside. Perhaps you are suffering in silence. Many of us have watched from the sidelines as someone we know deteriorates before our eyes – he is unable to keep a job, maintain a relationship, appears disheveled,  no longer interested in things he used to enjoy, and he might even have developed a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Worst of all, he feels empty and hopeless. Perhaps you are that man now. 

Often a depressed person may feel helpless and desperately wants to remove himself from humanity. Maybe you know someone who took that option. Those who remain, often ask why. But those who experienced and overcame the relentless pain in their heads can identify, they say You Are Not Alone.” Depression is a serious mental illness that could have devastating consequences; it does not have to. It is TREATABLE!

You may or may not be Black or gay or you may be Black and you may be gay. But you may know someone who is Black and gay. In many Black families, in our communities, and in societies gay men exist, yet because of the silence imposed by culture, the homophobia, stigma, and discrimination many experience, Black gay men are living hidden, secretive, and unfulfilled lives. Shouldn’t Black gay men deserve to live wholesome and productive lives?

Check out the trailer right here for the forthcoming documentary, You Are Not Alone.” Courageous Black gay men are breaking the silence and a taboo in the Black community. They are speaking out about their depression. It is hoped that a Black gay man, through what he sees and hears in this documentary, could feel emboldened to know he is not alone, and find the courage to reach out for help.

Your support toward the completion of this documentary is requested. It would provide a resource and encouragement for other Black gay men, especially young Black gay men who feel imprisoned, are struggling with their sexual identity, and acceptance in a world that rejects them, to know You Are Not Alone”.


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  2. Clarice Jurgens

    July 20, 2011 at 10:44 am

    What makes depression distinctive among all of the other illnesses and diseases? You’ll find at least 3 extremely very good factors for even the most mentally healthy amongst us to maintain up to date about depression.

  3. houseofgar

    July 9, 2011 at 8:13 am

    What a great site, I am so happy to find you. this topic is so important to black men. I am white and As the long time (11 years) partner of a beautiful black man I have witnessed his struggles and.challenges he has endured as gay black man, We share this challenge together.
    Everyone, black, white, Latino, Asian as well as the families of them are affected by social prejudice. Let us all unite and understand that God created us all just as we are for a reason.

  4. Mila Lomuscio

    June 13, 2011 at 11:26 am

    This age can be a age of modernism and ultra modernism. With the progress of civilization the folks also have skilled the negative aspects of civilization. Progress and regress come hand in hand. The benefits are to an extent bring happiness but following that limit it only makes the civilians a lot more and far more unhappy and depressed.

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