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Ask David!

By on February 7, 2011

David Franklin is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant as well as the owner of DLF Fitness. And now he’s collaborating with healthyblackmen.org to answer all of your questions about health and fitness in our ASK DAVID feature! Nothing is off limits; ask him everything you wanted to know about getting into shape, nutrition, workout trends, and staying healthy. If you’re looking to hire a personal trainer in the DC area, David is among the best! 

He began his fitness career in the United States Air Force and after military service he became a Certified Personal Trainer. As a personal trainer working for a gym, he rose to become the head trainer.  And later in 2008 David opened DLF Fitness Personal Training Studio and has had phenomenal success.  We are happy to have David on our team—so ASK DAVID all your questions by e-mailing him at blackmenshealth@gmail.com and also check him out on Facebook.


Seattle, WA

When I go to the GNC, I never know what I need. What vitamin supplement do you think most men could benefit from most? 

I recommend my clients supplement with creatine and whey protein.  If you eat a lot of processed foods you will want to include a food based vitamin. I also recommend fish oil and ZMA.

 Gerald, Oakland, CA

When it comes to working out after a long break should a person start with weights, cardio, or some combination?

 When getting back into training I would recommend hiring a certified trainer that could assess where you are and make the appropriate recommendation.  There really is no one size fits all when it comes to fitness.  People either get hurt over-doing it or don’t push themselves hard enough.

Contact David with your questions at blackmenshealth@gmail.com. We will post responses right here.

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