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Processed Food Linked to Cancer…And Your Kids IQ!

By on February 13, 2011

Adults know that processed foods are not the healthiest choice, right? I mean, credible research has tied processed food to higher rates of obesity, depression, and even cancer. 

Now British researchers say a diet heavy in processed foods during very early childhood will “dampen” your child’s IQ.  Junk food is brain food gone wrong.

 Researchers in Britain followed 14,000 kids born in the early 90s through childhood, and found that their early-years diets fell into three basic categories: processed (foods heavy in fats and sugar), traditional (meat and vegetables) and health-conscious (whole grains, salads, etc.). When the children were 8 1/2 years old, their IQs were measured. The kids on the processed diet averaged scores of 101, the health-conscious kids 106.

“It’s a very small difference,” allowed one of the study authors, “but it does make them less able to cope with education (and) some of the things in life.”

The cheaper cost associated with processed foods is the main reason it’s such a staple in developed countries like the United States and Great Britain. But the fact remains, there are many, many legitimate health reasons why we need to examine our choices at the market and fast food consumption. A junk food diet is not conducive to good brain development.  Even small steps can make a big difference, if you can’t afford fresh fruits and veggies, canned is a good alternative. Start small to live better!

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  1. Tony

    February 28, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Perhaps one of these days, companies like Whole Foods will open up on economically depressed neighborhoods and be at the forefront of change!

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