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The Bald Head “Re-Invented” by Keven Joslin

By on February 15, 2011

Brothers’ embracing the bald look has long been a trend among men of color. George Foreman and Vin Diesel to Samuel L. Jackson.  The bald look is bold in its confidence and appeal. Achieving that bold, confident style takes a bit of love from Mother Nature. One must have a good shaped head to start, right? But to get the smooth, sleek look on top, thousands of black men have turned to their facial razors, designed for faces not their heads, often causing small cuts. 

Introducing Keven Joslin, a California native, Navy veteran, and inventor of an amazing product to prevent nasty nicks, a razor for your dome. 

The razor invention is a design-patented grooming device to shave a bald head. The multi-function makes it unique in that it can be used for the head, face, and your partners’ legs. Recently, Keven spoke to healthyblackmen.org and shared the concept came from his Navy years in the 1990’s when he observed he and his peers shaved their heads with regular razors but were always getting nicked and cut; “I notice this was a problem for just about everybody trying to shave their head.” Duty to country came first and the concept was shelved until Navy retirement. That was when he developed the concept on paper, making sketches, and connecting with an industrial designer, to ultimately pitch to manufacturers.

Although similar products are now on the market, Joslin claims his razor invention is different because it has multi-functional uses and believes there is a place for it in the marketplace. Keven says, “I’m at the point now where I’m looking at backing for the product, licensing or Angel Investors.”

Keven told us he has learned a lot during his process of getting his idea from concept to patent. He was kind enough to pass along a few tips.

Tips for New Inventors:

  • If you have a product requiring three-dimensional prototype design to present to investors, manufacturers, the designer hired should sign a “work for hire” agreement with the inventor so no one can take credit for your work.
  • Do your homework on the market and reproduction costs associated with your product. Understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, get educated, and learn about the patent process. Know the difference between a patent agent and a patent attorney.
  • Guard your idea. Keep it out of the public domain. No posts on Facebook, Twitter, or talking about it openly until the patent is complete.
  • As soon as you have an idea, write it down in a confidential “inventors” journal, and have your written work witnessed by two people (non-family members) or notarized. A patent is issued for the first person who verifiably invented, not the first person who files for a patent.
  • Definitely get a patent attorney and one familiar with the industry of your invention.

Keven has additional patent applications for this product pending so the image is unavailable. Contact Keven Joslin on http://twitter.com/#!/KevenJoslin


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  2. Shine Harris

    February 20, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Good advise,keep doing what your doing and big things will happen!

    Congratulation on getting your patent approved Keven!
    Let us know if we can help!

    Shine Harris
    Marketing Manager

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