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Beat Back Bad Breath

By on February 20, 2011

Bad breath has ruined more first dates, sexual hook-ups, and even thwarted more than one job interview for us mortals. It’s time to beat back this beast once and for all because nobody wants to be the guy that has chronic stink mouth and not even know it. Bad breath also has a medical alias, halitosis.

A foul mouth odor can result from poor dental hygiene, food particles stuck in the teeth, a dry mouth, or even other diseases like diabetes, some cancers, and chronic reflux. Bad breath can be a serious health matter. Plus, smoking tobacco products can also dry the mouth and cause odor.

To introduce your mouth to freshness once again, definitely get in to see a dentist. A professional can recommend remedies specific to you.

If you haven’t looked at your tongue, you should try a good old fashion tongue cleaning. Tongue cleaning or tongue scraping is a process that involves taking your toothbrush and simply cleaning the tongue until it no longer has a white film. Most of us still do not do this on a daily basis but it should be done when you brush and floss.

This takes me to the next point. Floss your teeth daily. This act alone could not only help your breath but your teeth and gums will thank you. Trust me; I spoke to them this morning. Flossing is a cheap and easy way to rid your mouth of unwanted food particles and tartar. Dental floss is less than a can of soda. Because our diets are so diverse and full of process foods for the most part, mouthwash is critical. Look for a mouthwash that is antiseptic and antiplaque.

There are also all sorts of home remedies that you might want to try. Click here for details.

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