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I’m Doing It…You Can Too!

By on March 6, 2011

Staying healthy can be a major challenge however; I have personally found a good balance of the following activities that work for me: nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and regular check-ups. 

With nutrition, I have control over what I consume and how much. I try to have well-balanced meals throughout the day. For example, at lunch and dinner I usually include a salad or vegetables with my meals and often opt out of having dessert. It’s a small adjustment for many people but it can make a huge difference on the scale. Exercise is another activity where I’ve made some simple changes. Like nutrition, exercise requires self-direction and can be a challenge. I have honestly tried and tried to exercise on my own but often find myself starting and stopping. Sound familiar? I would exercise faithfully for two or three weeks then stop for two or three months. I have found that I need someone to be responsible to when it comes to exercise and now work with a personal trainer who provides me with specific exercises that I feel I have to complete prior to my next session with them. This option works for me because it keeps me motivated and challenged. Find out what motivates you and do that fully!

Another key factor in maintaining good health is reducing stress in your daily life. This might seem nearly impossible given that  stressors come from external factors that are often well beyond our control. Despite this, how we react to these external influences is well under our individual control. I deal with stress in my work setting by taking a regular 15 minute break away from the task that I am working on. I also try to make my work environment fun for not only myself but those around me. For example, I would set up quarterly office celebrations or parties where I would bring in music and refreshments for all. Fortunately, my work environment supported this initiative. It’s important that you find a way to take a daily break from the external forces around you. If you cannot get away then take an hourly two to five minute break to focus on breathing. The cumulative effect of these breaks can help reduce the level of stress in the work setting. What have you got to lose? Now think about what you have to gain.

Outside of work activities and hobbies can take you away from everyday rigors. I enjoy reading and cooking. I also get an appropriate amount of quality sleep every night to help reduce my stress. I also get regular physical check-ups which allow me to keep track of what is happening with my body.  Being proactive about managing your health allows us to catch minor problems before they become major. These are just some of the things that I do to stay healthy. Tell me what you do in the comment section.

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  1. Preston Fairchild

    March 7, 2011 at 10:23 am

    I certainly agree that all three work together in developing and maintaing perfect health. Oftentimes we forget how important a good nights rest is with maintaining good health.

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