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The NFL Lockout

By on March 13, 2011

It’s an outcome nobody wants but many knew was inevitable. The NFL lockout of 2011 announcement  means a lockout of all NFL  players by team owners following the move by the players’ union to dissolve themselves and pursue court action against the league.

A lockout effectively closes down the league’s activities and will halt any trade activities and any other dealings between players and clubs and it puts the 2011 season at risk.

The National Football League Players Association (players union) also announced they had ‘decertified’ and were no longer taking part in collective bargaining over a new deal between the league and players. “The union’s abandonment of bargaining has forced the clubs to take action they very much wanted to avoid. At the recommendation of the Management Council Executive Committee under the authority it has been delegated by the clubs, the league has informed the union that it is taking the difficult but necessary step of exercising its right under federal labor law to impose a lockout of the union,” said the statement.

At least 10 players, including leading quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, filed antitrust lawsuits against the NFL to attempt to halt a lockout. Now with players taking their cases to the courts, this is likely going to be a long, protracted battle. We’ll see how fans take this matter.

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