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Living Healthier is Not Easy…Yet!

By on June 19, 2011

I started a public journey to get healthier right here on this website. It was May 8th where I began an earnest and motivated process  to lose weight, eat healthier, and hopefully bring some of you along with me. The supportive comments and tweets I’ve received @BlkMenUSA have been most encouraging. Thank you. So here I am a bit more than a month to update you on my progress and process. Drum roll please!

As of June 19, 2011, I, Walker Tisdale am 25lbs lighter than when I began. Slow and steady, I’ve adjusted the way I eat and my relationship to food. More about that in a minute.

 It was not easy to lose weight I don’t care what anybody says. But I am still going strong. Even with a summer cold and shaggy hair. You would have a “in process photo” as documentation but I am in need of a haircut, badly, I mean very badly. But keep checking in with me and I will do the same. I also want to share what has helped and not helped so far.

Let me begin with exercise. I worked out regularly about 1-2 times weekly before but I learned I was not doing nearly enough, for not nearly enough time. I contemplated working with a personal trainer but finances and time constraints ruled it out. But I am taking advantage of books, magazines, and tips from trainers that I can get for free. So what’s different? I am now working out three times per week, mostly cardiovascular and some strength training. Lots of swimming, walking, jogging, weight lifting, and toning. I typically work out  60-90 minutes per session.

Probably the biggest difference has been with my diet, the things I eat. See, I live in the south, prior to that I lived in big urban cities designed to pick-up easy, greasy fast food on every block. In fact, I am sure Chicago’s deep dish pizza and New York’s Chinese take-out, and southern fried chicken are all part of my DNA. See, it’s not my fault people. I’m just big boned. Not buying it? Well, my doctor didn’t buy it either.

In my May 15th check in article, I shared how I eliminated carbs like pasta and rice from my diet. I have had a relapse or two but I remain committed to limiting carbs. I’m over 40 years old and my metabolism is slower and what I eat matters.  So to that end, I’ve also decreased my red meat intake and increased the servings of fruit and vegetables. No rocket scientist needed to tell you that alone helps big time. Red grape fruit, fresh spinach, and cucmbers slowly becoming my good friends.

Overall, the adjustments have also meant that I am more conscious about what I eat. I severely limit the amount of processed food (aka fast food) because I need to eat to live and before I was living to eat. By re-thinking my food options, I find I’m more creative in cooking, using a variety of spices and cooking techniques, and I enjoy the process of cooking healthy, flavorful food as well as eating it y’all.

Twenty-five pounds, several inches from my waist and more energy over nearly 6-weeks is motivation to keep it going. It’s all about the process, not just the destination. Please consider how you too can be healthier. Thanks for the support. Look for more updates in upcoming weeks—WITH PICTURES!

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