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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

By on July 10, 2011

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is a rising star among political circles.

His administration has become synonymous with hard work, working to lead a city out of some tough times. To make the tough political calls that are helping Atlanta and Atlantans require a practicality not always associated with a politician not yet fifty. But then again, Mayor Reed is not your typical politician. At 42, his resume reads like that of a man twice his age; It includes tenure at a private law firm before joining the Georgia House of Representatives (1999-2003) and the Georgia Senate (2003-2009). In 2001, he was Shirley Franklin’s Mayoral campaign manager. Today he occupies the job he helped her win. Not bad for tightly contested race where he won with less than a thousand votes between him and his opponent. Not bad at all.

That’s why it was an honor to sit down exclusively with Mayor Reed to talk about what’s going on in Atlanta, the crisis among black males, and even his own personal health issues. Nothing was off the table.

Recognizing that the city of Atlanta is more than 50% African American, I had to ask Mayor Reed his thoughts on the “black male crisis” and the implications to black families. Mr. Reed was unusually blunt in his thoughtful response. We like that alot. Here’s what he said.


When African American men seek health and wellness information online, a growing number are finding healthyblackmen.org to be a great resource. But too often, African American boys are growing up without enough interpersonal resources–a father, education, etc. Mayor Reed stresses the importance of striving for your own personal best, or as he calls it, “individual excellence.”

You can see additional footage of our interview with Mayor Kasim Reed at our YouTube channel at YouTube – ‪HealthyBlackMen’sYouTube‏. The second part of our exclusive two-part interview will be featured next week right here.

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