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Roger Bonair-Agard

By on July 15, 2011

What if I told you about a guy who chose to be a poet over going to law school? You might question if the guy was one egg short of a dozen, right?  Well, what if I told you that Roger Bonair-Agard made that very decision some years ago and hasn’t looked back.

See my friends, Roger Bonair-Agard is a word-wielding force of nature that has made his mark on the poetry world and beyond. He is the co-author of Burning Down the House and author of 2 collections of poetry; ‘Tarnish and Masquerade’ and GULLY (2010). Each offering is a testimony to history and his story, Roger takes on race, politics, and even the English game of cricket in a way that has the reader flinching and glued at the same time. Described as a “revolution” unto himself, Bonair is as passionate as they come and his words speak to you in a way that Dr. King, Maya Angelou, and even President Obama have been known to reach the masses.

Literally, an international figure, he’s delivered workshops and has performed around the globe; From Alaska to South Africa. A 2-time National Poetry Slam Champion, Roger’s work has appeared in several journals and anthologies including the Harvard Review, Gulf Coast Review, and The Seneca Review. He is the co-founder of The LouderARTS Project in New York City and poet-in-residence at Young Chicago Authors.
A native of Trinidad and Tobago and a Cave Canem Fellow. He is a creative master as much as he is an academic. He is someone we all need to know and he lives in Chicago.

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