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Prevent Eye Strains

By on July 21, 2011

How long are you on Facebook? Tweet much? And how often are you driving or checking-emails every day? Well, all of this impactsyour eyes and eye strain is a very common problem.  Eyes can become fatigued, making them unable to focus properly. Serious eye strain can lead to short term headaches to a more serious condition like Myopia.  So heed these top 3 simple, simple ways to help your eyes.

Take Breaks.

Shift your focus from near to far on a regular basis. Shift focus from up close to at least 20 feet away. Strong, healthy eyes with strong, healthy eye muscles can handle a lot more stress before they become strained. Eye strengthening exercises can give you greater stamina for your viewing pleasure. Follow the 20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of concentrated close-up work take a twenty second break by looking at something twenty feet away.

Avoid Dry Eyes.

Eye strain can be caused by something as insignificant as dry eyes. Keep them lubricated. Make sure your viewing angle is comfortable and that you blink and take breaks. If your eyes are still dry then try some artificial tears. It’s that simple.


Use Adequate Lighting

In this day and age, where we seem to be addicted to LED screens at home and work and all places in between, lighting is key. Make sure you have adequate lighting levels for the task you are performing. Be aware that extremely bright lights can cause strains too. As a general rule ambient lighting for screen use should be between 50-100% of the screens brightness. For task work you want enough light to see the details you need without squinting. You also want to place light sources so there are no shadows.

Three easy tips to help you see the world a bit better and longer.


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