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His(Story) In The Making

By on July 24, 2011

Johnnie Weathersby III is the brother GENTLEMAN behind http://gentlemanredux.com/blog/(GRDX) and he says there is MORE to being a Gentleman than putting on a nice suit.  GRDX also actually tells people “how” to be more than your suit through a prolonged experience by way of dynamic posts.

So what makes a young dude create an online experience about “being a gent?”

“I’d have to say I was 21 when I began to take a really hard and honest look at how I was living. Sure I was doing the whole “college thing” and was an involved student at school.  I had a great internship lined up at the time too – but that didn’t mirror my personal life.”

In fact, Johnnie says he lacked standards and goals for himself, grieving over a past relationship. Further, estrangement from his dad forced him to figure out some tough lessons about becoming a man alone. Although he escaped the hell of drugs and alcohol abuse, he ran with folks who did not. Soon the passion for his artistic pursuits gave way to depression. “ I questioned my faith.”

But like every Disney movie, this story ends on the upside. Johnnie says there came a time he just needed to rebuild his personal life. “I decided that there had to be a better way to go about Life and I sought it out.  Everything that complicated things for me had to stop as I actually tried being that “good guy” I’d once aspired to be.  Once all of that was set into motion, I just got more and more intrigued by the concepts of Chivalry and self-awareness.  The rest just sort of fell into place.”

Today’s urban young men typically don’t have “gentleman”associated with them as a descriptor. Even Johnnie says, “I don’t think a lot of young cats really understand what it means to be a Gentleman.  Then again I’m not even sure that I do fully just yet.”  Women still want it – they swoon at the idea in most conversations – but they still want for him to be a “Man” first.

In talking with Johnnie you get the strong sense he is a man who is passionate about manhood and integrity.  When asked about modern day Gentlemen—he offered names like Will Smith, Johnny Depp, John Legend and (blogger) Chris Guillebeau as great examples.

“Each of these men – in their own way have found themselves and their respective passions.  They live  out their dreams honestly (to themselves) while supporting others.  They aren’t afraid to be themselves.  They don’t fear admitting their vulnerability — matter of fact; they’ve found strength in them.  I  genuinely think they embody the traits of a redux of the traditional Gentleman beyond mere clothing .”

It’s ironic that Johnnie’s path of heartache and personal development has led him to create an online resource for brothers to become who they already are—The Perfect Gentleman.


Johnnie Weathersby III has an awesome blog that you should be visiting right here at http://gentlemanredux.com/blog/ and you can also follow him on Twitter @GentlemanREDUX.

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