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5 Spiritual Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

By on August 10, 2011

Far too many of us are stuck in a redundant cycle of chasing our dreams with little or no results. And over time too many of us give up the dream, telling ourselves that “God didn’t want me to have it” or “It just wasn’t meant to be.” I’ve gone through vicious up and down emotional cycles and finally got off my personal rollercoaster ride when I learned and started to apply several spiritual concepts that helped me actualize many of my dreams. These are five spiritual steps that I know will work for you.

  1. Understand that your “dream(s)” are actually a vision from the Spirit. It is intentional. Our spiritual vision can take on many different shapes, colors and evolve over time. See your dream as a spiritual vision waiting to be manifested through your intention and attention but not through your conquering, competitive human will.
  2. “Kill” your ego! While the intellectual mind seeks to protect you from harm, embarrassment and/or failure. But it simply cannot comprehend the vast realm of spirituality because it cannot be seen by the naked eye, calculated, categorized and risk assessed. Hence you cannot rely on your mind to drive the spiritual essence of your life especially when it comes to manifesting your dreams. Use your surface mind to do the mundane tasks of life such as eating, sleeping, driving to work etc. But when it comes to manifesting your dreams, your spiritual vision, you should tell your surface mind “hands off” my dreams!!
  3. Embrace a new paradigm, which is that you no longer have to “chase” your dreams. Instead you will now “catch” them. You will receive your dreams with grace and ease without struggle or strife. You don’t have to “make it” happen but instead simply “allow it” to happen through you. It’s your vision from Spirit. It’s already yours. You don’t have to fight to achieve it, just receive it.
  4. Accept and fulfill your new role as the “Who” and not the “How” of your dreams. Be the vessel through which your dream (spiritual vision) will be manifested. The “How” is the process of manifesting your dreams and is up to the Universe, Spirit, Creator or God. So as the “Who” you represent the beautiful end result of your dreams and as the “How” God represents the behind-the-scenes mechanical engineer making it all come together.
  5. Step into spiritual alignment and harmony with your dreams. When you become spiritually aligned with your dream (spiritual vision), your thoughts, ideas, footsteps, actions and words will flow with amazing intention, manifesting progress toward achieving your dream(s). It works. To step into spiritual alignment, engage in daily meditation and affirmative prayer. When you meditate you should quiet the mind and allow yourself to receive flashes of ideas, thoughts and images of people and places where you need to show up in physical form. Listen carefully to the inner voice that is not your surface mind but is the guiding voice of Spirit. Follow it, don’t brush it off, and embrace your spiritual intuitiveness. Say yes when presented with opportunities more than you say no.

 Recite this affirmation as a prompt for your vision. “I Am _____ (e.g.financially secure, graduating college, etc.) “ you fill in the blank of your desired dreams. Do it with great expectancy and gratitude because it truly is already done.

You still will have to do the daily work needed to manifest your dreams. Work hard, connect with people, do your research, etc. But know the direction you are being led is divinely guided and that your role as the “Who” is divinely supported so you can catch your spiritual vision and manifest your dream! Start today!


Herndon Davis, MBA, is author of the New Thought Career Management Book, “Repackaged Common Sense” and can be reached for speaking engagements and workshops at herndondavis@aol.com.



Image of Mr. Herndon Davis, photographed by stevenwilliamspr@aol.com and creator of additional image in this article provided by scottchan, http://www.freedigitalphotos.net


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  7. LittleBlackVillage

    August 30, 2011 at 12:21 am

    A very positive article and I think more people need to do this before they lose their battle with self-doubt.

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