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Mayweather Boxing Controversy

By on September 18, 2011

Like most red-blooded American fellas, you likely saw the controversial Mayweather win over Ortiz Saturday.

The fight seemed like it was written like a Hollywood script as one intense moment after another unfolded. Referee Joe Cortez was calling time, Ortiz — seemingly attempted a headbutt but quickly acknowleded his wrongdoing — hugged Mayweather in the corner and even appeared to kiss him. Odd?

But just as quickly, Cortez waived them back together, they touched gloves. But a sloppy move, Cortez looked away from the fighters, and Mayweather drilled a left hook and a flush right hand to Ortiz’s face, sending Ortiz to the floor. This was an Ortiz crowd–they went wild.

Protect yourself at all times. It is the oldest adage in boxing. Victor Ortiz did not do that, and he paid the ultimate price.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. dominated the first three rounds and shined in his first fight in 16 months, but the shine may be tarnished by the way he scored a stunning knockout with one second left in the fourth round. Was it a sucker punch?  Was it poor sportsmanship?

“Time was in,” Cortez said. “The fighter needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal.”

Some at ringside called it a sucker punch from Mayweather. Others blamed referee Joe Cortez, who did not have his eye on the action. Whatever you want to call it, Mayweather drilled Ortiz in a triumphant return to the ring.  Mayweather now stands 42-0.

HBO will replay the fight next Saturday night at 9:45 ET/PT.


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