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Happy Holiday $aving!

By on November 30, 2011

 If you and your family have been hit by under-employment or unemployment this year your holiday shopping plans likely will adjust  along with your income. And if you toss in a home foreclosure, higher credit card fees, etc. millions are tightening their belts and coming up with creative ways to save money this holiday season.

Here are four options for you to save money while enjoying the holidays. You don’t have to be Scrooge and miss out just because money is tight. You might find yourself smiling in the new year because of your restraint this season.

First and foremost consider reducing the number and cost of gifts you intend to give. Deliver more holidays cards—make them from scratch even. In fact, utilize the holiday season to connect more versus buying the perfect gift. You are the perfect gift.

Second, have a pot-luck. It seems counterproductive but if you have the space and time, invite your friends and family over and let go of the idea of individual gift giving.  Document the party with photos, play games, dance, and most of all—enjoy the season.

Third, decide to retire the credit cards and pay for everything in cash. This should not only force you into a budget but also help you prioritize “needs and wants.” Avoid mall shopping and pay attention to online shopping coupons and discounts.

Lastly, use your knowledge and skills this season. If your gift list is small, consider giving your expertise. For example, build a blog for a friend, help paint a room, cook a meal for someone special, etc. This makes the gift more personal.

Keep the underlying meaning of the holidays in mind. Avoid buying into the commercialization of it all. Make it special for you and your family by thinking outside the box. Happy holidays and happy savings!


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  3. Mr.TramueL

    November 30, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Great tips Walker! I like the idea(s) of the party & providing a service using personal skills.

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