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Which Brothers Inspired You in 2011?

By on December 28, 2011

In 2011, there were many examples of brothers who made us sit up and take notice, those who fell from grace and those who made  us proud. They taught us lessons in perseverance, integrity, resilience, and responsibility. Our hats are off to these guys.

This year President Barack Obama continued to connect with the American people in spite of Congressional derision and political toxicity. The fact some political leaders were publicly opining for an Obama failure rather than supporting the President of the United States gave the American people a better understanding of what he was up against. There was unprecedented public political divisiveness that many connect more to race than party. It makes his partial list of 2011 accomplishments all the sweeter.

  1. Located and killed Osama bin Laden
  2. Ended the war in Iraq- brought U.S. troops home
  3. Ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy
  4. Extending unemployment insurance for the unemployed
  5. Executive Order to compel drug companies to report shortages, reduce price gouging
  6. Law to extend tax credits to businesses that hire Veterans
  7. New food safety regulations signed into law
  8. Free Trade Agreements with Columbia, Panama, and Korea

Other brothers who inspired us before they passed on deserve an HONORABLE MENTION. We remember Derrick Bell, Heavy D, and Nick Ashford.

Tiger Woods returned to the game of golf, putting a 2-year winless streak and a scandal behind him. But the golf game seemed less than  golden, as Tiger struggled until victory at the Chevron World Challenge. With this win, many proclaimed, “He’s Back!” Notably, he donated his winnings to the Foundation he and his late dad began, the Tiger Woods Foundation.  Recently more than fifty Tiger Woods scholars, most the first to attend college in their families receive one-on-one training, career development. And if that wasn’t enough, Tiger’s Foundation raised $700,000 for future scholarships in 2011.

As Tiger’s golf game re-ignited, another venture caught fire. Tiger Woods: My Swing mobile app made the list of numerous “Best of 2011” mentions including: The New York Times Top 10 iPhone apps for 2011; TechCrunch’s 20 Best iOS Apps of 2011 and Apps Magazine’s “Best Apps in Real life.” The app is also featured as No. 2 in the Sports Category on Apple’s own Best of 2011, The App Store Rewind. Men of color do not often find media redemption, but Tiger is different we think. 

Mega superstar Usher Raymond is not your average performer. He’s consistently atop the charts and that was also the case in 2011 with Versus, Usher’s 2011 hit CD with the number one, “OMG.” Six studio albums and Usher solidifies that great talent and good songs are still a winning formula.

Personally, the divorced-dad of two has emerged from a troubled marriage into a doting dad of two boys. Word has it that Usher is dedicated to spending as much time with his children as possible and takes fatherhood seriously. This is definitely the behavior of a role model.  

A chart-topping artist, hands-on dad, to mogul. Usher also is manager for another pop sensation, Justin Bieber- one of the most popular singers of his generation. Usher has also inked deals with Macy’s and MasterCard. The singer-dancer-actor and businessman is a quadruple threat and that translates into career longevity. A timeless lesson from the man who many see as heir apparent to the void left from crooner Luther Vandross and legend Michael Jackson.

This coming year will surely bring opportunities to excel, overcome challenges, and make a difference. We think President Obama, Tiger Woods, and Usher Raymond are among the millions of brothers who made the most of 2011.

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  1. Staff Contributor

    December 28, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    We recognize the contributions and accomplishments of black men to their industry, society, and the world. Thanks for making a difference! I love this site.

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