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Millions Get On New PATH

By on January 1, 2012

This is the digital age. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube have changed how we receive news, information, and connect to one another. And if you are iterested in sharing more personal moments of life to a small group of friends rather than a large network, an app called Path could help. Launched in 2010, Path has grown to over one million users.


Originally conceived as a way to post photos and videos for close family and friends to see, the app was re-released this month as a “smart journal” to enable users to share more about their lives. “Because Path is a smaller network that’s built for the people you love — the closest friends and family in your life — people are willing to share more intimate content as a result of that,” said Matt Van Horn, a vice president at Path.

He added that although some of details of life might seem mundane when broadcast to the masses, they can take on a newlight when shared with closer connections.

“Taking a photo on the porch with your sister if you were to post to a larger network might not be that interesting. But if your mom, who is on the other side of the country, sees it then it’s magical,” he said.

The app also learns a user’s habits, such as favorite places, and can recognize deviations in patterns and broadcast them to their ‘path’, the social stream visible to a user’s connections. Inspired by British anthropologist and Oxford professor Robin Dunbar, Path limits the number of social connections a user can have to 150 people. It is considered the upper limit of the number of trusted relationships a person can have, and is a direct function of our biology.




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