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Go, Go Google TV

By on January 7, 2012

Since the announcement that Google was getting into the television biz, the tech world has been abuzz to see which manufacturers  would  join Google?  The answer — Samsung, LG and Sony — are working on Google TV. The world’s three largest television makers are betting on Google who’s betting you want to access the internet, movies, music, and lots of other content from your television screen.

Consumers can expect new TVs packing Google TV at stores in just a few months. Most will show their Google-powered Internet-surfing TVs at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week for a glimpse of the future.

“There are over 80,000 movie titles and TV episodes available through Google TV,” says Mario Queiroz, vice president of Google TV. “We’re trying to make it easier for the consumer to find content.”



Google TV allows people to surf the Internet on TVs, using its popular Chrome browser. In addition, it allows users to search a pay-TV provider’s listings and offers about 150 apps to shuttle people to digital media.

The worldwide market for Internet-connected TVs is forecast to soar from $68 billion in 2011 to $122 billion in 2016, according to industry tracker IMS Research. Look for Google TV at your local electronics retailer. It could be the “must have” holiday gift for next season. Remember you saw it here first.

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