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Rennie Curran is Making Moves

By on January 7, 2012

Rennie Curran was literally made to play professional football. Known is some circles as the Liberian Dream  or  “meatball”  depending  on who you ask; he’s a stellar guy on and off the football field.

Before the NFL, he led the University of Georgia in tackles in his final two seasons, becoming the first Bulldog since 1996-97 to record at least 100 tackles in back-to-back campaigns. This was despite playing only three seasons; he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2010. A business major with brawn, Curran was bound for the big leagues.

But he’s also a good son. A long-held goal was for him to go to Liberia, the once war ravaged country he’s never step foot in but has deep family roots. Mission accomplished in the 2011 offseason, Rennie and his family not only made their way to Liberia where his great grandfather was a tribal Chief but he was successful in bringing much needed supplies to the residents. Recalling the experience, “I will be back for sure, it’s where my people come from and I couldn’t believe that I was actually there. I want to do more.”

His parents, Rennie Sr. and Josie, came to the United States from Liberia in the 1980s and stayed when the brutal and long civil war broke out. Determined to make it, his mother earned her master’s degree in nursing while his father started a shoe repair business. “As long as I can remember, they always worked hard, sometimes two jobs, working long hours. I saw how hard my mother and my dad worked to send what they had back to our family. I grew up with it.”

Together, they used half of their income to support family members in Liberia and to bring many to the United States. Can you imagine half of your hard earned income? It’s no wonder that Rennie grew up proud of his Liberian heritage, a very strong work ethic, something that is evident to anyone who’s seen him play. He’s a beast and as he says, “I love playing ball.”

Witnessing the selfless acts of his parents made a lasting impact; so much that Curran is a huge believer of giving back and helping others. It’s not just reinforced by his faith but it’s who he is, “I know I am blessed and fortunate and it just feels to give back, to help other people. I get something from it too.”  The guy who’s been called “the most dominant defensive player in the game” is also a loving single dad to his daughter, Eleana.

At five feet elevn inches and about 230lbs, Rennie is near super-human as a linebacker. As with anything in the NFL, there are transitions. Rennie was drafted by the Titans in 2010, released, and is rumored to have inked a new deal in the southeast. But before all of that, he was a NFL hopeful with a fierce determination that is evident. Check out the video.


 During our conversation, I learned a bit of Rennie Flomo Curran, Jr. trivia. Did you know his middle name means “Protector” or “Provider” or that he’s a music lover? Curran says he learned to play the drums, piano and viola as a kid. “I played in church and in high school. I like music alot; I wouldn’t mind producing one day too.” It’s always good to have a Plan-B but something tells me he won’t need it because Plan-A is working oh-so-well.

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