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Fixes for the DNS Changer Malware Threat

By on July 8, 2012

The FBI wants to hear from you if you think you have been targeted by malicious software (“malware”). An international hacker ring has been identified and infecting computers with malicious software. In an unprecedentied move the FBI has partnered with an outside agency to provide a web safety net to support internet access for thousands when they literally shut down internet servers and check for the malware source.

This is a huge issue and you should check your computer as soon as possible by going to this government website to check your DNS. The type of malware in question modifies a computer’s Domain Name Service (DNS) settings and thereby directs the computers to receive potentially improper results from rogue DNS servers hosted by suspects currently under investigation. It originally started as a fake advertising scam to overtake computers around the world. It’s in America.

The FBI arranged for a private company to run a website — http://www.dcwg.org — as a place where computer users could go to see if their computer was infected and find links to other computer security business sites where they could find fixes for the problem. From the onset, most victims didn’t even know their computers were infected, although the malicious software probably has slowed their web surfing and disabled their antivirus software, making their machines more vulnerable to other problems.

Do yourself a favor and check every computer you own and make sure your family member’s have their systems checked too. It’s easy by clicking the FBI screening service here.

FBI officials have been tracking the number of computers they believe still may be infected by the malware. As of last week, there were about 45,600 in the U.S. — nearly 20,000 less than a week ago. Worldwide, the total is roughly 250,000 infected. The numbers have declined steadily, and recent efforts by Internet service providers may limit the problems on Monday.

For more technical information on DNS Changer malware, read this. So remember time is running out, midnight estern standard time might be too late.


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