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Most Sexually Charged Urban Cities

By on July 20, 2012

How many of us have visited a city just because of its reputation for ‘adult fun?’ When you think of cities for sexual fun, Vegas may certainly come to mind but what about Miami and Atlanta? That’s right a survey of about 2,000 Americans said that Miami and Atlanta have ‘the most sexually adventurous residents’ and  ‘exhibited the highest sex drive.’

Obviuously the survey was sponsored by the Trojan company. Atlanta topped  the list with 71% who said they were sexually adventurous and  7.2-out-of-10 exhibited the highest sex drive. At 73%, Miami residents rated the highest rate of sexual satisfaction  and the most sex — 177 times a year.

Dallas ranked the highest for the longest time having sex at 39 minutes, but  Dallas respondents were also most likely to have faked an orgasm at 47%,  the survey said.

San Francisco Bay Area residents reported the least amount of sex a year —  120 times — and the shortest sexual sessions, at 31 minutes, but had the  highest rate of sexual satisfaction at 65% and were least likely to fake  an orgasm at 31% according to the survey.

The cities included in the survey were New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,  Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, Atlanta and  Houston.

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