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Dr. Raphael Travis, LCSW

By on August 28, 2012

What do you get when you cross a guy who’s intellectually talented in public health and social work and also dedicated to helping kids be their best? It’s simple, you get an amazing compassionate scholar who cares about positive youth development.  Raphael Travis Jr., DrPH, LCSW, is that compassionate scholar who will bring his insight and knowledge to Healthy Black Men.

Committed to positive youth development, Dr. Travis has worked in both social work and public health. Dr. Travis’ current research interests include positive youth development over the life-course, adolescent resilience, and youth participation in individual and community transformation. Each research area intersects, allowing a thorough analysis of youth and adolescent development. Music, specifically Hip-Hop culture and rap music, is one major environmental influence that he investigates as it relates to risk behaviors, but also youth and community development.

Dr. Travis currently teaches at Texas State University School of Social Work in San Marcos. He received his DrPH from the School of Public Health at UCLA, and remains active in community-based work. He is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Talking to Dr. Travis, you’ll learn he always knew he wanted to help kids. He describes the evolution of his professional interests as “a progression from the individual, to looking at social influences, to social work as a field in which you could actually do something—not just understanding things, but the applied, practical implementation of those ideas. This was really attractive to me.”

Drawing from his expertise and life experiences, Dr. Travis will cover many topics for Healthy Black Men as they relate to supporting youth development, psychosocial issues, Hip-Hop culture, and all things relevant to living a healthy life. Look for articles from Dr. Travis in the coming weeks right here.

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