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Isaac Carree’s Journey

By on October 10, 2012

Don’t call Isaac Carree a celebrity. He is a gift.

 “I don’t understand that. I don’t think gospel artists are celebrities. I’m just a gift; God can choose to use anybody he wants to. And once you realize it’s not about you. It’s by the grace of God you are even being used at this time. Then I have nothing to be arrogant about. I don’t need an entourage of people around me. I don’t need security. I can walk through the mall by myself.”

Talking to the chart-topping gospel artist, you immediately appreciate his uncommon humility amid the huge success with his debut solo album, aptly titled “Uncommon Me.”  The first single “In The Middle” is an infectious song with a message Isaac says is about appreciating when you are in the middle of a situation or storm not just when you come out on the other side of it.

Carree himself, no stranger to personal storms recalls being raised by a single mother and not having a strong relationship with his own father. Tough lessons would soon come from both a marriage and divorce at an early age including an out-of-wedlock birth. “I made a lot of mistakes but it’s not the mistakes, it’s how you recover that counts.” Today, the husband and father of three says his wife, Dietra is a “true blessing from God” and next year the couple celebrates eight years of marriage.

Talking about his young fans, Carree says “don’t feel like you have to be a statistic just because your life hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to go.”  He says we all have to learn to forgive people who may not have been good to us.  “I had to forgive my father so I would not feel victimized by his mistakes. I don’t blame other people, I don’t blame the white man, and I don’t blame the government. I take responsibility or my own life.” But he adds that adults have to take responsibility to help this generation to change their lives.

No doubt a healthy home allows the gospel entertainer to inspire on stages across the globe. To stay fit, Carree says he definitely works out. “I have a trainer and I try to workout three times a week. I took on boxing because I’m not a treadmill fan. I try to eat right and not to eat late. Sometimes I fail. I’m trying to shed some more, so pray for me. I’m not big on fried foods. But I love soul food.”

Gospel music fans have long appreciated Carree as a member of the Stellar Award-winning gospel group, Men of Standard so after twenty yearsin the industry, I asked what prompted a solo project? “It was Gods timing. That’s the most honest answer I can give you. Everything happens in a time and in a season. I don’t think any of this would have happened if it were not my time. I cannot even take the credit for it,” says Carree of his newfound career success.

The 38-year-old family man who just kicked off a world tour in Brazil and Korea last week, opening for Kirk Franklin remembers earlier times.

 “I was in the background and I never really complained. I was very content. God honors people who serve other people; who get behind somebody else’s vision, who get behind somebody else’s dream and helps fulfill their dream.  For the last 21 years that’s what I did. I sang background with Men of Standard, Kirk Franklin, and now it’s my time as a solo artist to step up front.”

And we think that’s right where God wants you Isaac…up front!

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  1. Linda White

    November 15, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    God really gave you a great song .
    I can be sleep and if i hear your song I get up.
    When the Lord give me a song he is alway telling me something. I turn everybody on to this song. my granddaughter is 14 wakeup to this song and go to sleep. Just had to tell you God is really please with this song.

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