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She Runs the Kitchen…Period!

By on November 24, 2012

Brothers, are you looking to improve your diet? Perhaps you came to this decision on your own or maybe your doctor advised you to do so. Well, if you’re married, you have yet another person you need to consult about your dietary changes—your wife.

It’s common that your wife prepares many, if not all, of the meals you eat throughout the day and if a doctor has recommended that you alter your diet, you can be sure your wife will make you stick to it. After all, she loves you and wants you to be healthy. And you want her to be happy.

However, this desire to please may backfire for men who want to stick to a nutrition plan themselves. A recent study from the University of Michigan School of Public Health found that men who reluctantly gobble up their veggies and other nutritious recommendations to avoid a conflict with their wives will almost always end up cheating on their diet.

The study concluded that men willingly traded having a say in how their diet was implemented for maintaining peace in the home. The problem is that without feeling free to speak up against, say, peas and carrots for the fourth consecutive night, many men find opportunities outside of the home to regain some sense of control over what they eat. Some men in the study not only cheated on their diets, but also ended up gorging themselves at places like all-you-can-eat buffets—effectively cancelling any good their diets could have provided. It might seem like a ridiculous, sitcom-like stretch to imagine men sneaking out to late-night buffets to fulfill their forbidden desires, but the same issue can present itself with something as simple as getting a sugary snack or drink from the vending machine at work, where the wife will never know.

Study author, Derek Griffith, asserts that the key to men successfully adopting new dietary changes is working together with their wives when selecting new meal options. For men who have rarely given much input into how and what their wives cook, this may bring on the fear of trespassing on her territory.

No matter what you try, it is critical to communicate with your wife while taking on these changes. After all, dieting isn’t easy and it’s you who has to fight through it.

Don’t think of speaking up as biting the hand that feeds you—think of it as helpfully guiding, hand in hand with your woman.  

Luvaire Murrell is a writer and editor for healthyblackmen.org and our monthly newsletter. Mr. Murrell is experienced in marketing, public speaking, and research. He is also a published poet.

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