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Parenting Tips for Wiz Khalifa

By on February 21, 2013
wiz khalifa

You are a world famous music superstar, dating an equally famous sex symbol, Amber Rose, who just also happens to be the mother of your newborn baby boy. Congratulations Wiz Khalifa! You are the father of Sebastian Thomaz.

Wiz told a publication that he was definitely excited and even tweeted out “Happy Birthday Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz!!!

“I’m just looking forward to always havin’ that little guy waitin’ for me at home; He’s always going to be here for the rest of my life. So no matter what’s goin’ on, no matter what my day is like, I’m always going to have him.”

That’s exactly why new dads like Wiz need to be aware of a few important things to consider stepping into the role of new dad. This is not a complete list by any stretch but three things to help manage stress and bring harmony to your family life. Congrats Wiz and Amber!

amber1. Change that diaper

Researchers early on found out that the fathers who helped diapering their baby had stronger, better, and more long-lasting relationships. So if you want to score points with new mom, Amber Rose — grab the diaper bag.

2. Make a play date with your son.

Forget the screaming fans and throngs of reporters; have planned time to be the one and only caregiver for your baby. Black boys definitely need that special one-on-one bonding. It’s important. When mom is in the room there is typically a preference by the infant for her to be the one in charge. Figure out what your relationship is with your son. You need to be able to manage this baby thing solo, and there is no other way to get this experience.

3. Keep your promises.

As the young Sebastian grows and as you develop as a family, remember that dads have to be absolutely certain to do one thing: KEEP THEIR PROMISES. If you promise your spouse you are going to be home at 7p.m., make that the priority in your life that day. As your child grows, these promises become the backbone of your relationship. Deliver on what you promise and the ease and security of the relationship will evolve.

Overall, black fathers have a unique parenting role in that black boys require love, protection, training, and thoughtful discipline. A black boy in America is masterpiece waiting for the artist. So for this music icon, this should be a piece of cake. To every father, hope you enjoy being a dad.


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