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Buy Stocks Online

By on February 27, 2013

You may not become the next Warren Buffet but you should be willing to make your hard-earned money work hard for you!  

Investing over the years has been made easier with the internet.  Investing in stocks and mutual funds can be very rewarding if done properly and consistency, however you need to do some basic research.

Before internet investing, an individual had to invest via a brokerage company where you would pay a commission to a broker. Most brokers would not take stock purchase orders in lots of less than 100 shares each.  This made purchasing stock impossible for the average person, therefore, the financial divide between the haves and have-nots maintained rather large.

Currently any person has the ability to purchase stock from any of the three stock exchanges (NASDQ, American and New York) for a very small transaction fee.   When you purchase shares of stock, you are purchasing a fraction of that company. Purchasing stock in a company that you are familiar with is always the best method when beginning your investment process.  Some stocks pay dividends based on the profitablity of the company.  Dividend payments are distributed in accordance with the amount of shares you own.

To begin your investment in the stock market you can open an account at an on-line brokerage company like TDAmeritrade, Scottrade, Schwab, etc.  Opening an account is generally free but you will have to pay a service fee per transaction.  This fee can be as low as $4 per transaction.  Before opening an account, you should read the terms of the account for some on-line brokerage companies have an account balance requirement.  If that requirement is not met, you will be charged a monthly fee.  There are brokerage companies that do not have an account balance requirement. You should do your own research before you commit funds to any company.

The above content is for information purposes and should not be construed as financial advice.


 Ronald Wadley is the Controller at a non-profit medical member based association.   He holds a degree in Master Human Resource Management and a Master of Business Administration.

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  1. Preston Fairchild

    March 20, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Ron, Thanks for sharing such sound and needed advice. During a time when so many of us are concerned with the recession and questioning about our future investments, It’s great to learn we have valid options.

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