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Get a Great Car Deal

By on February 27, 2013

After nearly 11 years and 181,693 miles my love affair with my 2001 Toyota RAV 4 ended. While I had not planned to buy a new car, I did just that. But I also saved thousands off the retail price and you can too!

I am not a car salesman, an attorney, or a cheapskate…I’m a social worker. And I saved a whopping 26% off the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) for a brand new 2012 Toyota Corolla LE sedan.

I believe in negotiating because it allows me a fighting chance to keep more of my hard earned money. Consider this, when buying a new car, know that you have better leverage toward the end of the month as sales teams must meet quotas and you’re likely to strike a better deal if they feel some pressure too. A few other tips to get you ….READY.

Research your purchase in advance. How much car can you comfortably afford? What’s on sale? What is the manufacturer price, invoice price? What’s your best financing option?

Emotions are evil. You are conducting business! Be even tempered. How much you love the car, its color, or the extras should be kept on the low. Sales people will use your love for the car against you and will be less willing to negotiate.

Assess everything. Ask about base price, luxury packages, interest rates, and warranties. Assess how sales staff interact with you and if they can answer questions and how they work with you and listen to you.

Don’t feel rushed while at the dealership. Avoid being “locked” into a monthly payment conversation—negotiate the overall price of the car (sales people won’t like this). Extended pay plans are bad ideas. If you don’t have a solid down payment or trade-in, consider a cheaper car with fewer frills.

You must be willing to walk away from the deal. Even after the credit has been checked, you’ve imagined yourself driving off the lot, be clear it’s a business deal. If the terms and final numbers go beyond your budget – walk away. You have one car to buy, dealerships have hundreds to sale.

Good luck to you the next time you go to buy a car, but with these tips and the right attitude you won’t need luck.


Based on the experience of Walker Tisdale III, Healthyblackmen.org publisher.

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  1. Preston Fairchild

    April 11, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Thank you for such sharing relevant knowledge regarding negotiating when purchasing a new car. I was just thinking the other day that I will more than likely need to replace my 98 Honda Accord in the next 12-months. I will be sure to use these tips and of course the acronyms you suggested when negotiating for a fair price. In our current economic crisis it is always great to know that Healthy Black Men not only keeps us current on health related issues but also issues related to our finances.

    Again thank you,

    Preston Fairchild

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