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Call for Proposals

By on March 31, 2013

The Bill & Melinda  Gates Foundation is asking students, scientists and entrepreneurs  to design a game-changing next-generation condom.Bill-and-Melinda-Gates-Foundation

“To overcome persistent health and development problems, we need new,  game-changing ideas,” Chris  Wilson, director of Global Health Discovery & Translational Science at  the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said in a statement. “Inspiration can  come from anywhere and we are hopeful that this new round of Grand Challenges  Explorations will uncover innovative approaches to improve lives around the  world.”

Since 2008, the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative funded more than 800  grants in 52 countries. The program welcomes proposals from a broad spectrum of  contributors, and encourages cross-discipline approaches. Anyone with a transformative idea is invited to submit an easy, online,  two-page application to the foundation.

In addition to a new condom, the foundation is looking for proposals for:

— One Health: Bringing together human and animal health for new  solutions.

— Labor saving strategies and innovations for women smallholder farmers.

— New approaches for detection, treatment and control of selected neglected  tropical diseases.

Proposals are being accepted at grandchallenges.org through May 7.

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