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Condom Recall

By on April 21, 2013

In a developing country like Ghana, the last thing public health officials want to deal with is a major condom recall. But that’s what’s happening amidst the HIV epidemic. Ghanian health officials said they have seized  more than 110 million of the 200 million Chinese-made condoms recalled because  they have microscopic holes. Yes, holes.

A spokesman for the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority said all imported condoms  are supposed to be inspected prior to being disbursed but for an unknown reason  these were not.

Officials said the defective condoms come in a silver and white package with  a red AIDS ribbon and the words “BE SAFE” written on them, said FDA head Thomas  Amedzro.

“Somehow there was a lapse; the batches of the condoms were not submitted as  duly required for the appropriate testing to be conducted,” he told.

The condoms, about 200 million in total, were imported from Kenya and  distributed to health groups as part of an anti-HIV/AIDS program and were made  by an unidentified Chinese manufacturer. Officials said they’ve reclaimed 110  million of the condoms so far. Quality latex condoms are a good way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy when used correctly and consistently.

Anyone using them could be at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted  disease or unwanted pregnancy. It’s also unclear if the condoms were distributed to other African nations. An investigation us underway to determine the manufacturer according to officials.

Public health officials conservatively estimate 230,000 of Ghana’s 25 million citizens are living with HIV.


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