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Hernia Surgery for ‘The Rock’

By on April 24, 2013

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is healing nearly superhuman fast after emergency hernia surgery.  That’s right, hernia?

Wearing a Superman shirt, the forty year old Hollywood action movie star Tweeted a photo of himself in his hospital bed after having surgery Monday to repair torn abductor and abdomen muscles suffered in his WWE Champion title fight against winner John Cena.

For the rest of us mere mortals, we need to know what hernia is and how to manage it safely. A hernia is a sac formed by the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneum). The sac comes through a hole or weak area in the strong layer of the belly wall that surrounds the muscle

There are usually no symptoms for hernia and this is why Johnson likely was rushed into surgery. Some people may have discomfort or pain. The discomfort may be worse when you stand, strain, or lift heavy objects. In time, most people will complain about a bump that is sore and growing.

If a hernia gets bigger, it may get stuck inside the hole and lose its blood supply. This is called “strangulation.”  If this occurs, you will need urgent surgery. This is likely what happened to Mr. Johnson.

The hernia (bulge) may not be easily seen in infants and children, except when the child is crying or coughing.  Surgery is the only treatment that can permanently fix a hernia. Surgery may be more risky for patients with serious medical problems. Surgery secures the weakened abdominal wall tissue (fascia) and closes any holes. Today, most hernias are closed with cloth patches to plug up the holes.


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    April 27, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    The first step in the umbilical hernia surgery is to give the patient anesthesia and have him or her fall asleep. The in order to begin the umbilical hernia repair, the surgeon must make two small cuts under the belly button of the patient. The next step of the umbilical hernia repair is when the surgeon isolates the sac or hernia and puts it back in the stomach in the way it should be positioned. The surgeon will also then stitch up the patient depending on the size of the hernia and if the hernia is small enough the stitches will remain closed and the patient will likely not have any problems or complications or hernias from this surgery. However, if the umbilical hernia repair is a large one then surgeon might not want to stitch up the patient because it is too risky and it would be best to put the mesh graft to cover the hole of where the hernia has been taken care of, this will cause less complications then stitching a large hole. The purpose of the mesh is so that the hernia does not end up coming back, even though the hole stays open, at least the mesh is protecting it. If the surgeon were to stitch up the patient after a large umbilical hernia repair, one that is larger than the size of a quarter, the patient is likely to have the hernia come back and this would require another umbilical hernia repair. However, some patients may have a history of having their bodies reject any type of foreign object, so even after a large umbilical hernia repair, the doctor would need to do stitches because the body would react to the mesh in a bad way. The umbilical hernia repair is usually a small one so there is not much of a scar left over after surgery.

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