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Get Fit for Life

By on June 2, 2013

Some have called Wess Murray an evangelist for fitness. We’re excited he’s calling Healthyblackmen.org his new online home. He’s our new Fitness Contributor!

 He says “fighting obesity and disease is not just about a gym membership and a cookbook. It’s about a lifelong commitment to health, wellness, and self-improvement.”

Wess has walked-the-walk when it comes to weight loss. At age 26, Wess lost over 100 pounds, down from his top weight of 320 pounds. Since then he has dedicated his life to helping others achieve weight loss success.

As a NASM certified trainer, a Wellness and Nutrition coach and master trainer. He’s worked at some of the top health clubs in New York City. He’s done it all from a personal trainer, group exercise trainer to manager. Literally helping thousands of people lose weight, gain muscle and stamina; he will be a great resource to men of all ages at Healthy Black Men.

Wess is known for working one-on-one with clients to achieve fitness goals, feel more confident, find stress-free solutions to their hectic lives, and regain self esteem. His tailored approach to personal training is what you can also expect right here at Healthy Black Men. If you’re younger or older and want to drop some weight, discuss nutrition, or just want some advice-  Wess Murray is the guy for you. Contact him right here or through his Essentially Fit website.

In addition to his fitness expertise, Wess is also an experienced public speaker, writer and internet talk show radio host. He is the host of ‘The Essentially Fit Podcast Show’ on iTunes. Wess is currently spearheading an initiative to promote public awareness of diabetes and obesity in the South Bronx, New York.

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