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Don’t Skip Breakfast!

By on July 24, 2013

The alram sounds, your eyes struggle to open, you somehow find yourself dressed and headed out the door – what’s missing? Breakfast. Well, researchers say men who regularly skip breakfast may have an increased risk of heart disease.

That’s right, eevn with all of the hard work you are doing to manage your waistline, cholesterol, and get exercise…skipping breakfast could be undermining you. So incorporate a well balanced meal at the start of your day. Take time to factor in time for preparation and consumption.

Leah E. Cahill of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and colleagues analyzed the eating habits, including breakfast, of 26,902 U.S. men, ages 45-82, who were found to be free of cardiovascular disease and cancer when assessed in 1992 for the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

During 16 years of follow-up, 1,527 incident coronary heart disease cases were diagnosed. Computer models were used to estimate relative risks and adjustments were made for demographic, diet, lifestyle and other coronary heart disease risk factors.

The study, published in the journal Circulation, found men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of coronary heart disease compared with men who did not skip a morning meal.

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