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Living to 100

By on November 5, 2013

Your opportunity to be part of the 2014 Living to 100 Symposium is here.

Whether you’re an actuary, gerontologist, demographer, economist, physician, scientist or other professional, this symposium offers you the opportunity to discuss topics and gather information to help you estimate advanced age mortality and mortality improvement rates to:

  • design, price, value and manage financial security products
  • develop national life tables
  • assess the state of government social insurance programs and private pension plans
  • ensure the availability of healthcare providers and healthcare facilities for the aged
  • project the resources, products, and services needed for and used by an aging population
  • provide valuable information for retirement and financial planning

We’ve lined up prominent featured speakers—James Vaupel, Nir Barzilai and Anthony Atala—to provide insight into what the future may hold for life expentancy. Other equally distinguished speakers will present information during more than 15 sessions on topics including:

  • lifestyle and longevity
  • marriage and old age mortality
  • cognitive impairment and longevity
  • drivers of longevity
  • societal challenges and adaptations as a result of a longer lifespan

Symposium Details

Living to 100 Symposium V
Jan. 8-10, 2014
Walt Disney World Swan Resort
Orlando, FL

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