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Doctor on Demand App

By on December 12, 2013

The Doctor On Demand app literally allows a physician to see and talk with you remotely regarding many common health issues. It is now available for iOS and Android, connecting patients to a doc anytime anywhere via video, the doctor actually has to look at you.

The app can be used in 15 states at launch, and it already has a team of 1,000 physicians nationally.

The app allows you to enter your symptoms or concern, pay $40, and get connected via video to a doctor. The app does not pretend to be right for all instances — especially emergencies. But it does recommend itself as an option for non-critical concerns like colds and flu, pediatric worries, rashes and eye problems, prescription refill problems and general health questions. In other words, it is addressing the common sets of health worries that send millions of people online everyday seeking health information and diagnosis through chat groups.

Doctor On Demand has funding from Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Venrock, as well as advisory support from former U.S. Senator and health policy wonk Tom Daschle, who is on the board. Even Dr. Phil is an advisor.

Doctor On Demand uses basic mobile technologies like picture-taking. It suggests that patients have the ability to upload images of rashes, burns, and other demonstrable symptoms and causes of worry for the doc to evaluate on the spot. The video camera itself certainly could be used to show a pediatrician the child in distress, which is better than a verbal description.

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