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Healthy Man of the Month – May 2014

By on May 1, 2014

Maurice Florence is our Healthy Man of the Month for May 2014. The Chicagoan epitomizes peace and serenity as a licensed therapeutic massage professional and sheer power, stemming from his toned physique.

“I have been working out or actively in the gym since the age of 13. I try to work out Monday through Friday and take the weekends off.  Everyone needs to give their body some rest so that there muscles can heal and recuperate.”

Exercise has always been important to Maurice who says he primarily relies on circuit training. Circuit training means picking different exercises (for a full body workout) and doing those exercises for either one continuous minute or until failure.

“This model works for me because it keeps your heart rate going which means that you will burn fat throughout the whole workout.  Its like doing cardio and strength training at the same time.”


High school football and track gave Florence a lot of confidence and passion for exercise. He went on to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. Armed with credentials and experience, he started working with clients as a personal trainer. But he says he’s not all work.

“I’m just an all around fun guy. I love to workout, cook, play tennis and receive massages like everybody else.”


Maurice Florence is both a Ace certified personal trainer and AMTA licensed massage therapist. Maurice is also on Instagram.

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