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Positive Attitude Is Everything

By on May 1, 2014

For me 2014 is all about maintaining and enhancing my health, the physical and mental.

Physically it is about trying my best to eat nutritious foods (while still allowing room for treats), being physically active through athletics or just getting away from the television, and being more conscious of my general health and wellness.  I definitely do not limit myself to cheat days or have unrealistic expectations and patience.  This is something that is very difficult for me to do because of my constant attempt to be perfect; however, lowering expectations sets me up for success.

It is my belief that this is why so many individuals stop going to the gym halfway into their “New Year Resolutions,” because results are not seen and unrealistic expectations are present.

Mentally I try to keep my brain engaged, frustrations down, anxiety low, and my relationship healthy.  I am currently in school and also staying active through pozlifeofpatrick, which helps to stimulate my mind.

I also love puzzles and other activities that make me think and exercise my comprehension skills.  Stress and anxiety are both mental health issues I publicly talk about yet struggle with.  To these things I try to allocate some time throughout my week that consist of quiet, meditative, and reflection exercises.  Sometimes when my roommate is out I sit in a quiet room with candles and incense and meditate, focusing on removing all the negative emotions out of my life.


Also, I love using hot baths with bath salts to help relax my muscles while helping my skin.  I say never go on with your hectic life without finding time to stop, turn off your phone, and disconnect from this crazy technology driven world to reflect on your life and decompress.  To get over my anxiety I try to exercise being social and constantly pushing myself by stepping outside of my comfort zone.  With the help of my therapist I have definitely made strides to better my mental life.  There is nothing wrong with seeking a therapist to talk with because it is normal.


Patrick Ingram works as the Testing Coordinator at The Fredericksburg Area HIV AIDS Support Services (FAHASS).   He is also in school to gain his degree in Public Health.  He was diagnosed with HIV in 2011 and blogs at pozlifeofpatrick.com.

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