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Fathers Who Want Custody

By on May 18, 2014

Sherri Shepherd co-host of the hit talk show, The View and her husband of almost three years, Lamar Sally, are splitting – and a legal fight seems unavoidable over their unborn child. 

Sally, who married the comedian in Chicago in 2011, filed for legal separation in early May, according to L.A. Superior Court documents. The papers reveal that they are expecting a boy on July 28, who will be named Lamar Sally Jr. – and that Sally wants full legal and physical custody of the baby. But that’s not all, another custody battle is surfacing for the daytime talker.

Media outlets report her first husband Jeffrey Tarpley has filed for an emergency custody modification hearingThe documents, which were said to have been filed in April, claim that their 9-year-old son Jeffrey Jr., who has special needs, is suffering from “neglect.”

This high profile case has gotten more men openly talking about fighting for child custody. Historically, child custody cases tilted in favor of the biological mother but that may be changing with other high profile dads claiming custody wins in court. So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation when a relationship goes south, here are ten (10) child custody issues to prepare for if you want to come out on top.


Common Child Custody Issues for Fathers

* Unmarried fathers, unwed fathers, putative fathers rights exist and should be legally prepared for
* Move-away case or custodial parent relocations – less face time with your child can inhibit future legal battles
* Parental alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) 
* Lack of cooperation and refusal to co-parent by mother, document everything in writing
* Vindictive and false reports to Child Protective Services (CPS), again document and let a seasoned attorney work for you
* False allegations of domestic violence
* False allegations of child abuse, never make a false allegation, and fight all false allegations until the end
* Frustrating visitation rights happen but it’s important to never violate visitation orders
* Gender Biases in the family court
* Transitions and exchanges

There are many good resources for men seeking legal assistance in child custody cases, do your homework and check references.

Matt Sayles/AP Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, seen at the 84th Academy .