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Sweat-infused Business Cards

By on May 25, 2014

Are you ready for sweat-infused business cards?

Deodorant manufacturer Axe is issuing its male staff with sweat-infused business cards, in the hope that the natural pheromones will make women swoon. Or at least they will experience a positive reaction.

To ensure the recipients of the quirky pieces of stationary are tempted to take a sniff, a white spot where the liquid is applied reads: ‘Infused with the essence of _____.’

The cards were developed by Union, a Toronto-based advertising agency. To make them, men were asked to wear headbands while exercising on indoor bikes.

Researchers also found that exposure to the male pheromones also prompted a shift in blood levels of a reproductive hormone called luteinizing hormone. Levels of this hormone typically surge before ovulation, but women also experience small surges during other times in the menstrual cycle.


The study found that the male pheromone extract hastened the onset of these smaller surges and shortened the pauses between surges by 20%.


Researchers are now looking at individual compound that are found in male perspiration in hopes of identifying the elements responsible for these psychological and hormonal changes.