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By on June 10, 2014
Head Shot

Jeremy Helligar is a pop culturist, writer and world traveler, with stops in Australia, Thailand, Buenos Aires, and now a resident of Capetown, South Africa. He’s a brother you should know because he’s more than a guy looking for fun. He’s a teacher with a passport.

Before becoming an expatriate, Jeremy lived the high life in New York City as a writer and editor for People, Teen People, Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly, he’s interviewed A-listers like Britney, Sting, Cher and Bowie and could be sen on MTV, VH1 and E! Entertainment. If you are looking for an entertainment career New York is the epicenter. But he wanted more and travel opportunities presented themselves. So with little hesitation, he explored the world.

In fact, his edgy blog is blog is aptly sub-titled, part travelogue, part ‘Sex in the City,’ and part entertainment Bible. So it’s no wonder, blogging would lead to writing an edgy book.

Jeremy says, “I am now most passionate about writing for gay and black issues because it touches people. The book came from my blog.”

The forthcoming book based on his blog, Is It True What They Say About Black Men?, an expat journal about love, lust and language barriers on the other side of the world. The book is a ‘tongue and cheek take on being gay and black, taking chances, etc.’ He expects it to be completed early 2015.

“Is it true what they say about black men? – I get this questions all the time. There is still a mystique about the black man around the world.”

Helligar knows it’s a cliché but says his travel experiences teach him, “ don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s no good to look at someone and assume you know everything about them. I know I hate it when I do it, but it’s a journey I’m working on in my own life.”

Book Cover_LoRes

The writer and world traveler says he wants to share life lessons that include, taking chances in life, don’t stand still, accept people as individuals and most important, you get what you’re not looking for in life. Helligar expects to publish the book via Amazon when its complete. We can hardly wait. Stay tuned.


Walker Tisdale is the editor of Healthyblackmen.org and resides in metro Atlanta.