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Hot Books for the Brothers

By on July 5, 2014

Summer weather  typically brings more leisure and less chaos, perfect for catching up on a great book. And I’m here to help by offering some great options that also make great gift ideas.

I just completed reading my first book of the summer, and I can’t help but notice the lack of people of color that were in the story.  “What world do we live in when we go the length of a story and not interact with one person of color?” But there are plenty of options available for people of color and all readers interested in unique stories with unique characters.

I am excited and humbled to invite you to check out my own book,  “Chronicles of a Boy Misunderstood.” It’s a series of three short stories with Black men serving as main characters, I too see the need for people of color to experience depictions of themselves in stories. You can still support the book by contacting me via Twitter.

Authors Michael Baisden and Stephen E. Hooks also cannot be overlooked if you are searching for a good read.



Michael Baisden: Near the beginning of Baisden’s “Men Cry In The Dark,” his dissection of the Black male libido lays down the law regarding the way we, as Black men, chase after the opposite sex. One could say this piece is “Waiting to Exhale – ish,” but I would beg to differ.  The manner that Baisden curves reality to produce unexpected outcomes is ingenious and, I feel, is a trend that we will see moving forward. Watch out Tyler Perry, I think you have some competition.



Stephen E. Hooks: At first glance, Hooks’ piece “Before I Loved Her, I Healed Myself” departs from his rough upbringing in Cincinnati’s Rion Lane housing projects. But it actuallyf_3d parallels his life.  Hooks shows beautifully that men must learn how to embrace themselves before they can fully love a woman.  Raised by a single mother, Mr. Hooks narrates his memories and urges his reader to see how he overcame barriers to become a good Black man. Timeless subject matter mixed with effortless prose,  placed Hooks on my list. I hope he’s on yours.

Look for my next installment next week and let me know what books you’re excited about. I cannot wait to hear from you.





Kareem Simpson is owner and Lead principle at BookMark! Online, a small business which offers resume and cover letter writing service along with other professional writing services. Mr. Simpson is a published author and possesses close to ten years experience in resume/cover letter evaluation; both as a professional hiring manager and supervisor.