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Storytelling, The Write Way

By on July 20, 2014

There is a flood of great books on the market and summer is ripe for diving into a ‘good read’ on a plane, train, or hanging at the beach. While there is diversity of book topics, a glance at the NY Times reveals its not always racially-diverse.

I looked at 256 books, across all genres. About 207 were written by Caucasian authors, and a whopping six by Africans or African Americans.

I’d like to shed some light on a few I think are worth your time.

Nick Burd:  Author Nick Burd takes a step forward in his first novel “The Vast Field of Ordinary,” and places a realistically positive spin on the perils of a gay teenager turning into an adult. Throughout the story the reader is able to explore the ups and downs that accompany raging hormones, family problems and boyfriend issues.  Burd lives in Brooklyn, New York where, I hope, he is well on his way to scribing another masterpiece for us to enjoy. Go get it.




Robert Morales: Morales’ “Truth: Read, White and Black” takes the setting of the comic book hero Captain America and uses his own crusader to combat the fictional interpretation of the true experiences of Blacks in the 1930s who were used as lab rats by the U.S. government; un-knowingly being infected with syphilis. By adding Truth’s back-story to that of Captain America, Morales has turned Captain America into a character owing his popularity to the deaths and exploitation of Blacks.



Kole Black: Author of “The Chance Series”, Black is doing what Master P did over two decades ago; pulling himself up by the bootstraps and making it happen for himself. Black’s five1339698700_213594211985433_213587031986151_848700_536466_o epic novels revolve around a heroine’s attempt to flee the grasp of her ex and his gang of followers. Mr. Black is also the author of the SEX THERAPY series, a group of relationship books that provide women with an honest and insightful glimpse into the mind of the modern man.

Again, I happily invite you to read, comment, and consider your own thoughts about who you would add to your ultimate summer reading list. Great books don’t always make a big media splash, so share your favorite new book.



Kareem Simpson is owner and Lead principle at BookMark! Online, a small business which offers resume and cover letter writing service along with other professional writing services. Mr. Simpson is a published author and possesses close to ten years experience in resume/cover letter evaluation; both as a professional hiring manager and supervisor.