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Persistence, Faith, and Action

By on September 25, 2014

There are some people who are high achievers and then there are those who inspire high achievement in others. Dr. Clarence M. Lee is that type of person, and his inspirational book, ‘Well My Mom Says,’ is his testimony. Get it, read it, share it with someone you know.

The book is filled with conversations he had with his mother, a single mom, who raised her son to dream BIG. It’s positive messages and real life examples of overcoming obstacles will resonate with young Black boys, young men. Before Dr. Lee became a flight surgeon and Officer in the United States Air Force, his life was modest and full of struggle.

I did not come from a lot. When you don’t come from a lot, you don’t understand the limitations you are in. I grew up just not seeing much. But it was obvious that I could do almost anything and it was my mom always encouraging me to shoot for the stars, regardless of what was around me.”

Similar to young boys of color today, Dr. Lee has survived racial discrimination as a child, academic failures, parental divorce, and almost losing his life at gunpoint.

“I want people to be persistent, have faith, and take action – these are the three things I want people to get from reading the book as well. The success I have today are the results of not quitting. I failed many times.”


Each chapter focuses on a deep belief in positive psychology and how we can use our perspective to help us get through tough times.  Dr. Lee shares his faith as the backbone of every truth he discovered about his life. With persistence, faith and action, Dr. Lee believes we all are capable of living our dreams. Many might not know that Dr. Lee was rejected from medical school more than three times before ultimately getting accepted and completing his medical degree. Now that’s persistence that paid off.

“Life calls us to persist, to have faith, and when you can master that, you will get a lot of success.”


He is a champion of going after your dreams, he says, “at the end of the day, it’s about what you are called to do.” Dr. Lee writes and speaks about a ‘Purpose–Focused’ life and lives it as well. The devoted family man and Christian believes everyone has God-given talents and purpose.


Walker Tisdale is the Executive Editor of Healthyblackmen.org and Executive Director of the Health Institute for Men in Atlanta, GA.