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‘No Way I’d Do Another Talk Show’

By on December 17, 2014

For most media personalities, once you’ve had a 17-year hit television program, interviewed 3,000 guests, earned a Daytime Emmy Award, and written bestselling books, you might take some down time. But to those who know him, know that’s not like Montel Williams. In our discussion, it was clear he’s a brother who seizes the opportunities in life and business.

“I’m involved in a medical device company called Helius Medical Technologies. It’s a public company that helps the brain to work around damage of brain illnesses. We are getting ready to engage in some significant studies.”

NeuroHabilitation, a division of Helius Medical Technologies, is developing a breakthrough technology as a potential treatment for neurological symptoms caused by disease or trauma.

Over the years, the outspoken activist has been involved with many initiatives that are focused on improving the lives of people living with various brain impairments and injuries. He has personally participated in research studies and clinical trials surrounding non-invasive brain stimulation therapy. He continues to work with researchers and the U.S. Army to further develop their findings with the hopes of helping soldiers who have experienced blast-related traumatic brain injuries.

In 2013, Montel’s passion for helping others led him to a partnership with Union Springs Media and the creation of the Living Well with Montel online community.

Under His Excellency  Dr. Elliston Rahming, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the United Nations and the Organisation of American States (OAS), Mr. Williams is the new Special Envoy of the SOSC.

As an environmentalist, the appointment is a natural fit. In February, ‘I’ll be taking a group of ambassadors to visit a shark sanctuary.’ And ‘he also just formed a company, turning waste into energy within an hour called Pure Blue.

So with so many new endeavors, will there ever be another Montel Williams talk show?

“I’ve been offered shows over and over again; No way I would ever do another talk show. There’s nothing in the world we can’t talk about respectfully but in today’s world we have a divisive culture that most shows present the condition and then invite opposing sides and just lead with their hands up. It’s chaotic. I don’t watch any daytime talk at all.”

Due to the scope of the interview with Mr. Williams, we’ll publish the final installment on Thursday, December 18th. 


Walker Tisdale is the Executive Editor of Healthyblackmen.org and the Executive Director of the Health Institute for Men based in Atlanta, GA.