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8 Tips to Choosing a Signature Smell

By on January 26, 2015

So you want to smell good but you don’t want to offend people fifty feet away, right? Choosing the right fragrance is a balancing act between being stylish versus trendy, and making sure it enhances your natural body chemistry. Here are 7 quick tips for smelling oh-so great!

  1. Before you go to the store to find the scent that makes sense for you, be sure you are scent-free yourself. Don’t try on “smells” if you are loaded up with cologne, scented lotion, or even a strong aftershave. You need a fresh “body” pallet before you step into the store.
  2. Find a local retailer that has various colognes to offer on-site. This way you can check out a varied selection in one location. Be open to all scents and avoid trendy fragrances
  3. Always smell cologne initially from the bottle.
  4. Spray a sample on a test strip then gently wave the strip into the air to allow for the fragrance to fully unfold. Hold on to only those test strips you really like. Because you are likely to try a few scents, you don’t want all of them on your body. Doing so will make it challenging to select your signature fragrance.
  5. A quality retailer with a wide selection of men’s fragrances will have complimentary coffee beans for you to sniff after smelling each fragrance. This cleanses the nose, so you can continue to distinguish among the scents. You want a true smell for your signature scent.
  6. A signature scent requires you to narrow your selections. This is the time to revisit the tester strips you liked most (no more than 2-3).




7. Purchase sample size (or smallest available) of the scents you are considering. Take them home to see how they react to your skin chemistry.

8. Give it at least a week or two after trying the sample colognes. Be sure you select the fragrance you like most and fits with your grooming habits and life. Return to the store to purchase a full-sized bottle of that signature fragrance.



Lastly, when it comes to cologne or any body fragrance, you want to make sure you are not allergic and that the amount of the scent is not overwhelming to others in close proximity to you. For this reason, always get an opinion of someone you trust.

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  1. Michael Armstrong

    May 12, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    Great article. I’ve always wondered how to go about picking good scents. Personally I givenchy play, gucci guilty, and sean john unforgivable.

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