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Smart Pill Bottles

By on February 3, 2015

We are in a new era when it comes to prescription medications and a key component is the proper use of prescribed medications. According to the American College of Preventive Medicine, about 50% of patients do not properly take their medication.

Some reports estimate drug non adherence costs the healthcare system north of 100 billion dollars. Medication non adherence stems from patient concerns about medication costs, adverse effects, dosing schedule, and simply forgetting.

Treatment adherence is a major issue for almost every disease area, from HIV to cancer to depression. Pharmacists are able to assess medication adherence by reviewing prescription refill records and directly interviewing patients and caregivers.

That data has informed the work of AdhereTech who has created a “smart pill bottle” that automatically sends adherence data in real time computer servers for analysis. The ‘smart pill bottle’ uses cell phone technology to send the patient and his or her caregiver text messages for missed doses. The bottle will also flash blue and chime when it is time to take a medication.

If a patient should miss a dose, it flashes red and beeps.

AdhereTech smart pill bottles are currently being used by patients in clinical trials and research settings. Additionally, the firm aims to deliver high-cost specialty medications in the pill bottle directly from pharmacies.

While the smart pill bottle is not likely to solve all issues of medication adherence, it is a significant effort to help patients.


Content for this article comes in part from UPI.com and pharmacytimes.com.