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The Joyful Noise of Kaize Adams

By on March 8, 2015

Kaize (pronounced Kazzy) Adams is a professional engineer by day and talented inspirational Gospel singer at night, and he’s a brother we think you should know.  Like many singers, he comes from a family of singers. He says his family inspired him to devote his life to God as a child.

One undisputed inspiration is the recently departed, Andrae Crouch.

 “To me Andrae Crouch was a musical genius. I think he modernized gospel. I remember the way he arranged music, and kept it relevant to the time, it had core attributes about it, with a gospel sound.”

 But just like his faith and Gospel music, education was also highly valued in Kaize’s home, he holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D in Industrial and Systems Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University, where he currently resides.
Kaize knows how hard the music industry can be but he’s committed to making a joyful noise. His latest single ‘Glory,’ stating “it was a triumph in a sense, through life in general, just giving God glory for everything, no matter what we do, God gets the glory out of it.”
While some may smirk at trying to make it in the music biz after 35, at 36, Kaize is just getting warmed up. He’s established a major social media presence, plans to promote his new single and work on new music.

“I just want to see where God takes me. Music is a sound track to your life, the better the music is, the better life becomes.”
And as Kaize prepares to climb the musical ladder, he’s learned a few things and for younger aspiring gospel singers he says,  “Do it for the love of what you do and study your craft. Get around people smarter than you and be smart about your business. Create a platform for yourself and be true to yourself.”