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9 Steps to Real Happiness

By on March 22, 2015

Being happy is a goal, a destination, a state of being we all aspire to everyday. There are lots of books, motivational speakers, etc. who’ll tell you that happiness is a choice that is achievable. It takes effort and intent. We offer nine (9) ways to get closer to happy!

Define and visualize success

Goal setting is critically important to staying happy. In the fast paced environment that we live in its critically important to know exactly what you want and stay focused on the goal. New age tools like vision board apps can help to keep you inspired along the journey.

Let it go

Past hurts can weigh us down whether they are failed relationships or missed opportunities and living in the land of what if stops us from achieving what is possible. With each experience comes a lesson about who we care and perhaps more importantly who we can be, take it and run.

Be Grateful

In the midst of our hectic lives we miss the little things the things that go right. However counting the blessings of the day can truly improve your spirits and help you to soar. Gratitude journals and social media challenges are really interesting ways of keeping count on what’s right in your life.

Start Your Day With Purpose

A morning routine allows you to ready yourself for the challenges of day. Turn on your favorite music or sit in silence put yourself in the right frame of mind to take on the day.

Be with Happy People

Happy people make us happier. It’s a scientific fact. Fill your circle with friends who lift you up rather than pull you down and you’ll notice your optimism level expand. This will require that you edit those ‘frenemies’ out of your life to make room for the positivity in others.


Spend Time Alone

Quiet time is essential for even the most extroverted and social of us. Personal time allows us to regroup and recharge. So here is what you do unplug those handy electronic devices, let it be known that this is your quiet time and find a good book or an easy playlist and savor the moment alone.

Give Back

Investing time in someone else’s life always makes yours fuller and happier. Take the focus off of you and put it on someone else. Volunteer, mentor, or just take time to help someone else in a meaningful way.


Take care of your body. Many o f us set goals to improve our physical health and we just never get to them. However there is not time like the present to get to it. Join a gym and lose that extra 15 pounds, start drinking more water and eating better. Feeling better physically is an important part of happiness.

And really most importantly, accept yourself exactly as you are. Loving yourself gives you the confidence and sets a standard by which others will treat you as well. After all, if you don’t affirm who you are, who will?


Andwele Boyce


Andwele Boyce is a Freelance Journalist and Independent Communications Consultant based in Barbados. Boyce holds a Masters in International Trade Policy with specific research focus on health and human rights and is currently pursuing a Law Degree.